A tractor is not the only important machine on a farm….

Often overlooked is the role of the humble excavator on the farm.

They are utilised in various roles from ditching, posting, hedging, trenching, towing, mucking out and are often integral in keeping the farm running from day to day.

My personal experience and introduction to tracked machinery comes from my upbringings on a 5-acre arable small holding. My father ran two tracked machines, a Takeuchi TB035 excavator and an ASV Posi-Track MD70.

I was in my early teens in the 90’s and took great pleasure in operating these magnificent machines. They were vital to the running of our small holding mainly due to the need for effective irrigation due to heavy clay presence.

I was forever ditching and trenching to keep the land from flooding and subsequently using the skid steer to move the spoil. Something I found out many years later is a common problem for many farmers.

The machines were fantastic up until they needed tracks or running gear. Finding a company who could source these parts and do it at an economical price point was incredibly difficult. There were no local franchised agents and very little information within the agricultural community.

25 years later and my sadly father is no longer with us, and the small holding now occupied with luxury housing. But this problem remains for many small holders and farm owners. Where do you go to for rubber tracks or steel groups for your excavators?

The answer is Astrak UK

Over 20 years of experience of working within the local and national agricultural community has enabled us to cut out the “middle man”. As the UK’s number one provider of undercarriage wear parts, we have the broadest range of in-stock

rubber tracks


steel undercarriage

. This is combined with a proven and efficient logistical network allows us to have vital parts delivered to most UK postcodes within 24hrs.

No need to look elsewhere. Make Astrak UK your supplier for your tracked farm machinery, call us on

0330 555 2000


Our dedicated team look forward to your call.

Colin Bell is the Assistant Marketing Manager for Astrak. His interest in tracked machinery came from his upbringing on a 6-acre small holding in Fife. It was an idyllic life for a small child who loved big machines. Pictured to the right are Colin’s father (standing), his father’s cousin (driving their old Fergie) and Colin in their “bogey”, collecting the bagged potatoes just after harvest.

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