Astrak team up with local Scottish bakery Christie the Baker

Astrak is known for being a leading supplier of rubber tracks and undercarriage solutions, but did you know it is also known for its shortbread?

The company, based in Fife, gives away a tin of shortbread with every order placed by their customers, old and new.

Astrak has partnered up with local Airdrie-based bakery,

Christie the Baker,

who has been producing award-winning products over the last 80 years, to improve their shortbread recipe, which is sure to be a hit with Astrak customers across the world. Giving them an authentic taste of Scotland.

An award winning traditional high street baker with shops in Airdrie, Coatbridge and Whitburn and are best known for their Scotch pies, Plain bread, Morning rolls and Cream Rings to name but a few. With over 50 members of dedicated staff, some of whom have been with the business for over 40 years with Master baking experience of over 180 years, we hope to serve you the best quality and service possible. They provide apprenticeships, internal and external training to all their staff to invest in their business’s future.

Andrew Chisholm, Owner and Director of Christie the Baker, “We are sure that Astrak customers are really going to enjoy the new recipe we have created with our team of expert bakers. Each biscuit is hand-crafted, hand-selected, and hand-packed. That’s what we do here at Christie the Baker. We are a traditional Scottish baker, using British ingredients to give the customers a quality product to enjoy.”

Shortbread and machinery components seem like an odd pairing; however, Sean Makin, Marketing Manager at Astrak, sheds light on the new partnership.

“It does sound funny that we are taking this much care and thought into our free shortbread offering, but we know how much our customers enjoy them. We want to show our customers that we are always improving to give them the best products possible, from shortbread to rubber tracks and undercarriages. Our customers are always at the forefront of Astrak.”

This new partnership is an example of what Astrak does, support the local community and businesses. They are looking forward to providing continued support for Andrew and his fantastic team at Christie the Baker.