Astrak’s New DuraLine DRP Clip-on Rubber Pads

Astrak are renowned for developing high performance rubber pads for tracked excavators.

The new and improved DuraLine DRP Clip-on pad has been designed for faster fitting and longer life.

With a fixed bracket at one side and a secure clamp fitting on the other, this pad has been developed in response to a demand for a heavy-duty pad that can be used to quickly convert a steel tracked excavator to operate on roadways, concrete hard-standing and other finished surfaces without risk of damage.

Faster Fitting

The new pads features extended bolt lengths to allow for fitting without have to remove the bolts entirely. This feature alone makes the DuraLine DRP rubber pad much faster fitting onsite. The securing clamp has also undergone a redesign and is now even tougher while remaining easy to mount to track shoes.

Improved Rubber Compound

The rubber formula has also been re-engineered to further reduce the risk of chunking and extend the working life of the pad in even the toughest of environments.

Find Out More

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