Demolition Robots – Duraline XD

A demolition robot is a remarkable piece of engineering

It looks like an excavator but is designed, as the name implies, for demolition, not excavation.

The key difference is that demolition robots carry more extensive tools – breakers and crushers – and employ much more power than excavators. With a wide range of models and attachments available, these machines can tackle most tasks they are given.

A stable platform is a safe platform

Critical to the stability and effective use of a demolition robot are the four outriggers or stabilisers. These stabilisers must always be used when working with the machine. The stabiliser legs give not just stability, of course, but resistance to forces generated when the machine works – forces that want the machine to slide away from the work area.

The reach of a demolition robot is proportionately much longer than its excavator equivalent – again, making stability a crucial factor.

The choice of stabiliser pads or feet is critical. These are the hard-wearing rubber pads that fit perfectly onto each of the four legs and provide a firm, non-slip platform for the robot to deliver maximum power effectively, reliably, and safely. Changing the pads regularly is vital for your machine to continue working efficiently and safely.

Duraline XD – our stability solution


Duraline XD

range of stabiliser pads were designed with decades of accumulated application experience from industry-leading NR/SBR rubber – the same material used in our market-leading

Duraline Plus

pads for excavators.

Astrak’s range covers the five key sizes for Brokk* machines. Astrak’s pads are supplied with hardware – making them all in all, a high-quality product to complement your valuable demolition robot.

You can learn more about the Duraline XD range by visiting this page –

DuraLine XD

or you can call our team of sales advisors on

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