Getting The Most Out Of Your Excavator Final Drives

Your excavator is essential; if the final drives fail, you know it will cost time and money.

To help you keep your final drives running for as long as possible, here is some advice to keep in mind.

Regularly Check the Oil Level

The oil in your

final drives

must be at the correct level for optimal performance. Make sure to check the

oil level regularly

and top off as needed.

This will help ensure your final drives run as effectively and efficiently as possible and avoid costly machine downtime.

Ensure Track Tension Is Correct

Track tension significantly affects how your final drives and other undercarriage components perform. If the tracks are too tight, they can cause your final drives to seem underpowered even when nothing is wrong.

Tight tracks also cause the




to wear out faster than they should, and too loose tracks can speed up the wear of parts, including the sprocket.

Monitor Sprocket Wear

The teeth on the


will be the area of wear, and once they start looking like sharp points, it’s time to change out the sprocket.

Changing the sprockets allows you to make full use of your final drives, your machine will save fuel, and you’ll probably increase the life of your final drives.

Keep the Undercarriage and Tracks Clean

Cleaning the undercarriage and


helps to improve its overall performance. Debris left to accumulate can add extra weight, increase the wear of track components, and affect track tension. In extreme cases, impacted debris can even damage the final drive, leading to leaks and the ingress of damaging debris.

Avoid Digging Over The Final Drives

For optimal performance, avoid digging over the final drives, as this puts unnecessary stress on them and increases the rate of wear and tear.

It’s much better to dig over the front idlers, which will also experience wear and tear but are much cheaper to replace. Of course, there may be times when digging over the final drives is necessary, but you should avoid it as much as you can.

Replacement Excavator Final Drives

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your excavator’s final drives are performing at their peak and giving you the power and performance you need to do the job.

If the worst happens and one (or both) of your final drives fail, you can rely on Astrak to quickly get a


delivered to you as soon as possible to get your excavator back online in a minimal amount of time.

Astrak also provides a range of other

OEM-quality hydraulic components

for tracked machinery and a nationwide

onsite fitting service

if required.

To learn more about our final drives and compatibility, please get in touch with our team of advisors today at

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