Understanding Long Pitch and Short Pitch Rubber Tracks

When it comes to rubber tracks, there are two primary types to choose from: long pitch and short pitch.

At Astrak, we offer both options, but it’s important to understand the differences between the two before making a decision.

Short Pitch Rubber Tracks

As the name suggests, short pitch rubber tracks have shorter lugs than their long pitch counterparts. This design allows the track to grip every tooth in the sprocket, resulting in less vibration and less wear on the undercarriage and its parts. Short pitch rubber tracks run smoothly and provide more comfort while driving.

Long Pitch Rubber Tracks

Long pitch rubber tracks, on the other hand, have longer lugs that cause them to skip a tooth in the sprocket. This can make the machine run less smoothly and cause the undercarriage to wear out more quickly. However, long pitch tracks have an advantage in that they are less likely to pack in sandy soil, making them a better choice for some operations.

Choosing the Right Pitch for Your Machine

When it comes to choosing between long pitch and short pitch rubber tracks, most machines can only use one or the other. However, if you’re not sure which option is best for your machine, our team at Astrak is here to help. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision.