Teamwork Drives Astrak Forward!

Astrak Group would like to say a massive thank you to our warehouse, workshop and logistics teams at our head office facility in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Working closely together they are undoubtedly the “engine” of the Astrak machine.

A machine that would grind to a halt without their tireless dedication and commitment. In 2022 the team fulfilled and shipped 24,000 orders equivalent in weight to almost 7,500 tonne.

Leading our warehouse and workshop team is Warehouse Manager Scott Fernie; Scott has shown an unwavering commitment and loyalty to the group, whilst bringing a wealth of invaluable practical expertise and experience.

Olav Uringa, our logistics manager, oversees a highly efficient team responsible for customs coordination, logistics planning, international deliveries and much more. Olav’s experience has boosted an already effective team to even greater heights.

Delivering an invaluable contribution, the three teams ensure that we provide our customers with an unrivalled and consistent level of product and service.

Thank you again for helping make Astrak the Best on Earth