Stabiliser Pads Compatible With Brokk® Machinery

Specialist robotic technology is becoming the way forward for the demolition industry.

Astrak’s DuraLine XD rubber pads compatible with Brokk®* robotic demolition equipment have been designed and produced with extreme durability, tough duty cycles and ease of fitting in mind.

Every part of these cutting-edge machines needs to perform flawlessly especially when the machines are pushed to their limits. Settling for anything less than perfection where it comes to replacement parts could lead to costly but avoidable downtime.

100% Compatible with Brokk® machinery range

Available in all styles/sizes to fit the current Brokk® line-up, the DuraLine XD range is produced within Astrak’s specialist manufacturing facilities from top premium quality abrasion-resistant rubber using state-of-the-art equipment and next-generation quality control processes.

A strong legacy

These latest additions proudly join the Astrak stable of market-leading rubber products for construction and earthmoving equipment. Designed in conjunction with leading OEM’s and already the first choice for operators across Europe, our DuraLine and DuraLine Plus rubber pads for tracked machinery have re-written the quality standard throughout the construction industry.

DuraLine XD compatible with Robotic Demolition machines produced by Brokk® – a zero-risk solution from a partner you can trust.

BROKK is a registered trade mark of Brokk AB. Astrak Group develops and manufactures products intended to be compatible with machinery and equipment from various manufacturers. Unless indicated otherwise, Astrak Group has no relationship, commercial or otherwise, with the owners of the trade marks.

Astrak, ASTRAK logo, and Duraline are registered trade marks of Astrak Group Limited.


Duraline XD Part No.Brokk® Part No.
TestDuraline XDOEM
Hardness (Shore A)7873
Elongation at break (%)471.7360
Tensile Strength (kgf/mm2)2.101.71
Density (g/cm3)1.1341.163
Volume at loss (%)6.76.81