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Astrak is one of the leading suppliers of track-related components for offshore tracked cable tensioners.

Working offshore means engaging with one of the world’s most aggressive and attritional environments.

Working with Astrak ensures that you have a partner from conception to delivery and installation of a world-class product.

Tracked cable tensioners incorporate many of the key components that are fundamental elements of Astrak’s product ranges.

Track chains (lubricated with either oil and/or grease), track guide rollers, drive sprocket assemblies, idler wheels and tensioner devices, track shoes, and of course, the associated installation hardware.

Hydraulic Gearboxes

Astrak can support the specification and supply of hydraulic gearboxes driven by hydraulic and electric supplies to ensure a long service lifetime and installation in the tightest spaces.

Bespoke Shoe Solutions

Our extensive experience with both rubber and polyurethane bonded shoes means that we can work with our customers in offering a bespoke shoe solution in both these materials.

Talk with Astrak and take the tension out of tensioner design and build.