Our DuraLine range is the product preferred by many of Europe’s leading contractors.

Astrak specifically developed the DuraLine range of pads for diggers, paver & planer machines and other tracked equipment to meet industry demands where downtime is extremely costly.

Why Choose DuraLine Pads...

Large Stock Availability

Our finely-tuned stock control program coupled with a highly organised warehousing and logistics system allows Astrak to have the pads you need available when you need them, minimising machine downtime.

Quality Approved

All of our DuraLine pads are manufactured in IS0 9001 approved production facilities with rigorous quality control procedures.

DRP Clip-On Pad

400mm to 800mm

The new DuraLine DRP Clip-on pad has been designed for faster fitting and longer life.

With a fixed bracket at one side and a secure clamp fitting on the other, this pad has been developed in response to a demand for a heavy-duty pad that can be used to quickly convert a steel tracked excavator to operate on roadways, concrete hard-standing and other finished surfaces without risk of damage.

The new pads feature extended bolt lengths to allow for fitting without have to remove the bolts entirely. This feature alone makes the pad much faster fitting onsite. The securing clamp has also undergone a redesign and is now even tougher while remaining easy to mount to track shoes.

The rubber formula has also been re-engineered to further reduce the risk of chunking and extend the working life of the pad in even the toughest of environments.

Bolt-On Style

300mm to 700mm

The Duraline Bolt-on Pad is specifically for converting a steel tracked digger to rubber, on a semi-permanent basis.

The rubber pad is secured firmly to the steel track shoe with four bolts, one at each corner. This fixing method prevents any movement of the rubber pad and is consequently an extremely robust option. The rigidity of the steel shoe gives ample support to the rubber pad and ensures a long pad lifetime.

This pad is available in widths from 300mm to 700mm and are suitable for excavators from 3T to 20T.

Roadliner Style

400mm to 600mm

The DuraLine Roadliner Pad is a chunky one-piece vulcanised pad which bolts directly on to the steel track chain.The strong internal steel core is specially treated to ensure excellent bonding during the vulcanisation process and is fully encased in rubber to prevent any possibility of damage to finished surfaces. The abrasion-resistant, anti-chunking rubber compound ensures excellent durability and consistent wearability.Ideal for machines from 4T to 26T for a wide variety of applications including rail infrastructure work, individual pads can be replaced quickly and inexpensively as required.

Pads For Paver & Planer Machines

The range includes EPS, rubber and polyurethane bonded pads in bolt-on, chain-on and clip-on styles. We also hold stock of chains, steel shoes, nuts & bolts to complement the range.

Our technical team can provide advice on which components are the most suitable for your application and environment.

Supported Machinery
We currently support a wide range of Paver & Planer machinery from the following manufacturers – Amman, Allat, ABG, Barber Greene, Bitelli, Bomag, Caterpillar, Demag, Dynapac, Furukawa, Gilcrest, Gomaco, Hanta, Marini, Mbu Sakai, Vermeer, Vogele, Volvo, Wirtgen.