We all deserve to have clean air, safe water and adequate resources and working together we can achieve this.

Astrak has identified environmental management as one of its highest corporate priorities.

We have established policies, programmes and practices to reduce risk to the environment and the organisation and conduct business activities in an environmentally sound manner.

The unavoidable use of natural resources and energy within the design industry makes it vital that we minimise the impact through smart design and good management.

Astrak is committed to environmental management and will:

  • Integrate its environmental policies and procedures fully into all business activities as a critical element,
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, standards and contract requirements that are applicable to the company’s operation,
  • Continually improve its environmental performance and prevention of environment impact and considering current best practice, technological advances, current scientific
    understanding, customer and community needs, educate, train and promote employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner,
  • Complete environmental assessments for aspects and impacts of all new activities that the company may undertake, promote, develop and design services, facilities, equipment and work practices that have the least environmental impact, taking into account the efficient use of energy and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the responsible disposal of waste, thereby minimising any serious or irreversible environmental degradation,
  • Promote and encourage the adoption of these principals by suppliers and contractors acting on behalf of the organisation,
  • Develop, implement and maintain emergency preparedness plans,
  • Foster openness and dialogue with both employees and the public, encouraging them to respond with their concerns or improvement ideas within the scope of the organisation’s operations and maintain a set of environmental objectives

We believe that through positively influencing our staff, industry peers, customers and our community, we will be able to deliver sustainable design solutions while recognising our environmental responsibilities.