Exchange Track Group Service

Astrak offer a UK-wide exchange track group service on a wide variety of track chain and pad configuration as a cost effective solution to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

The service is simple – We will fit your chosen track shoe to brand new chains, assemble the group and deliver to you on-site.

Our service allows you to run on current equipment and change over quickly and efficiently, minimising machinery downtime. To take advantage of this fantastic, cost effective solution call our team of advisors on 01592 655770 and simply provide us with your requirements and we will provide a competitive quotation there and then for you.

Safe Pallet Preparation – Returning to Astrak

As valued customers, your support has seen Astrak grow our business and service offerings. To ensure we continue to meet our safety responsibilities for ourselves, our logistics partners and our customers, track groups must be palletised in a safe and transportable manner.

Tracks must be rolled and strapped to the pallet – see figure 1.

Please use two straps, one to go around the rolled track and one to go over the track, securing it to the pallet.

In instances where you require a ratchet strap, please advise Astrak upon initial contact so we can arrange for this to be dispatched with the track group delivery.

If one is not requested, we will not send upon delivery. Our logistics partners can and will reserve the right to refuse collections when track groups are deemed to be unsafe or dangerous to transport within their network – see figure 2.

Astrak reserve the right to pass on a failed collection charge to our customers should any pallet be deemed unsafe to transport and is refused by our logistics partner.

Failed collections will be charged (please ask us for details).

To ensure we do our best to meet environmental obligations and to increase our turnaround time it would be ideal if an effort to remove excess dirt was made prior to returning exchange track groups.

We understand this may not always be possible due to the nature of the process, of tracks being removed and fitted on site. However, should track groups be deemed to have excessive amounts of rubble/ cement a charge may be advised and applied, due to the extra time to strip these and ready them for a new assembly.

fig 1
fig 2
fig 3

Terms & Conditions

This agreement between Astrak and customer is subject to the following actions being agreed and acted upon;

  • Order pricing is confirmed in the form of accepted quotation
  • Goods received are as per accepted quotation
  • Astrak receives goods return within 5 days of new track groups being delivered to customer

If the 5 day period is not achievable by the customer, Astrak must be informed in order for us to plan effectively for future assemblies. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Astrak will provide this service in good faith and agree a selling price based on the assumption we receive the used track shoes at the agreed upon grouser height.

Should Astrak receive used track shoes at a lesser height than the agreed upon grouser height, Astrak reserve the right to;

  • Recoup monies by passing on a charge to cover the difference in cost between the track shoe grouser height agreed price and the cost of what is received
  • Refuse the track shoes received and cancel the agreed works In the above instance, Astrak will provide photographic evidence to the customer in order to demonstrate what has been received by use of the required measuring equipment.

Furthermore, Astrak reserve the right to credit the customer the price of goods, less the cost of the reverse transport.

Should returned track groups be deemed to have excessive amounts of rubble/cement Astrak reserve the right to apply a  charge, due to the extra time to strip these and ready them for a new assembly.

Astrak is entitled to apply a failed collection charge, should goods be deemed unsafe or dangerous to transport. This will be advised at point of collection from our logistics partner and costs will be incurred.

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