Rubber Track Recycling

Astrak offer a sustainable, UK-wide Rubber Track recycling program.

In line with our environmental values Astrak offer a fully compliant recycling service including all relevant waste transfer documentation and transport.

Due to environmental legislation, landfill sites are now refusing to accept Rubber Tracks for disposal. Furthermore, due to the steel core contained in a Rubber Track, most tyre recycling plants are also unable to dispose of these.

This service is only available for Rubber Tracks. We will not accept any combination of other rubber product groups. We accept pallet quantity returns of Rubber Tracks up to 1000kg across any range of track sizes but they must be safely transportable.

Reducing carbon

Astrak are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. A full pallet quantity return limits carbon emmissions for both uplift and transport requirements. Astrak will be able to provide you with a waste  transfer note upon your request for your records at any point.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your Rubber Tracks and at same time maximise space and tidiness of your yard, then Astrak has the solution.


The benefits of recycling your rubber tracks with Astrak:

  • Maximises your yard space
  • Recycling your tracks in an environmentally responsible manner
  • All transport is arranged for you
  • Provide you with a certified Waste Transfer Note upon request  – displaying our shared commitment to the environment

What you need to do…

  • Get in touch with Astrak either by telephone or email
  • Ensure tracks are palletised and safely transportable
  • Accept the recycling quotation provided to you
  • Agree collection location and date

Please note transport cost may vary based on number of pallets & geographical location. Astrak will arrange all aspects of transport for you.

Ensure tracks are correctly palletised
Ensure tracks are correctly palletised

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