KMK Rubber Manufacturing

Our aim is to supply our customers with the highest quality rubber pad products available anywhere in the world.

To ensure we achieve that goal, Astrak have formed an exclusive partnership with Malaysia-based KMK Rubber Manufacturing.

KMK Rubber Manufacturing is globally considered to be a leading producer of premium quality rubber products for the automotive, industrial and construction markets. By partnering with this state-of-the-art manufacturer, Astrak will continue to supply world class products to leading OEM’s and other market sectors.

ISO 9001 Certified Facilities

Employing highly detailed-oriented quality control processes, KMK Rubber Manufacturing produces rubber products to ISO 9001 quality standards giving full quality assurance and traceability at every step of the production process and product lifespan.

As KMK Rubber Manufacturing continuously grows and improve their production capabilities through extensive process studies and progressive engineering, we can ensure that our rubber pads will continue to be improved and developed using up-to-date standards and technology.

Advanced Design & Production Capabilities

Astrak and KMK Rubber Manufacturing believe that by making significant investments in production, engineering and development, we can continue to be a valuable supply chain partner to Construction Equipment OEMs around the world.  Currently the Malaysian facilities are centered around four key areas of rubber pad production;

  • Formulation and compounding of elastomeric materials.
  • Mould and tooling design, including fabrication of moulds and tools using CNC machining centres.
  • Product design and product testing solutions.
  • Technology-driven mass production process.

Moving Forward Together

We know that the partnership between Astrak and KMK Rubber Manufacturing will allow us to continue to provide the construction industry across the world with the rubber products required to maximise flexibility and productivity with a focus on service excellence.

Why Our Rubber Tracks Are Unbeatable...

Large Stock Availability

The rubber tracks you need available when you need them, minimising machine downtime.

Quality Approved

All of our components are manufactured in IS0 9001 approved production facilities with rigorous quality control procedures.

Extended Warranty

Each of our rubber tracks come with an extended 24 month warranty as standard.

Fast Delivery

Place your order prior to 4.30pm and it will be despatched for delivery on the next working day.

Track Options

Tracked Dumper Tracks

Heavy-duty Tracks

We stock a full range of heavy-duty rubber tracks and a range of undercarriage parts including idlers, rollers and sprockets for popular tracked dumper makes including Morooka, Hitachi and Yanmar.

Non-marking Rubber Tracks

Specialist Tracks

Astrak supply a wide selection of non-marking rubber tracks for specialist applications. Please contact our team for more information.

Hägglunds BV 206 Tracks

Specialist Tracks

Astrak stock rubber tracks, road wheels and sprockets to ensure your Hägglunds BV 206 stays on or off the road for many years to come.