Frequently Asked Questions

There are always questions that come up frequently when sourcing replacement parts for construction machinery.

Below are the questions that our support team at Astrak are most often asked about construction machinery undercarriage and wear parts.

We have tried to cover everything from rubber tracks and idlers through to delivery and warranties. If you have a specific question regarding a project you are working on then please contact a member of our expert team.

General Questions

Where is Astrak based?

Astrak’s head office is located in the coastal town of Kirkcaldy in the heart of the region of Fife, Scotland.

We also have branches across Europe including Austria, Benelux, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark and Spain.

How long does your warranty cover last?

Our extended warranty program is the most comprehensive in the market place and length varies throughout our range of products. Ask our sales team for more details.

Where can I find the model & serial number for my machine?

The location of the model and serial number plate can vary from machine to machine. Please consult your manufacturers manual for more details.

Do you support older or obsolete tracked machinery?

Yes we do stock a limited range of parts for older machines. Please contact our team for more information on 0330 555 2000 or email

Do you provide a undercarriage fitting and repair service?

Yes. We provide a fitting and repair service both in our workshop and onsite.


How quickly can you deliver my order?

Delivery time depends on your location and the availability of stock but as standard, providing you have placed and paid for your order prior to 4.30pm, your order will be despatch for delivery on the next working day. Please ask our sales team for further details.

Can you deliver my order to my home?

Yes we can deliver your order to your home provided there is someone there to accept the delivery. Please ask our sales team for further details.

Can you deliver during the weekend?

Yes we can deliver your order on a Saturday under special arrangement. There is often an additional carriage surcharge for this service. Please ask our sales team for further details.

Rubber Tracks

What differences are there between Q Track and Terratrack Plus?

Q Track is our standard rubber track offering and TerraTrack Plus is a premium product with anti-vibration and anti-detracking technology.

How do I measure or identify what sort of rubber track my machine needs?

Just give us the make and model of you machine and we will do the rest.

How can I prevent rubber tracks from detracking?

The most important factor in preventing detracking is to ensure that the track tension is correct at all times and the undercarriage is kept clean.  You can of course solve the problem by buying TerraTrack Plus.

Can I easily convert my excavator from steel to rubber tracks?

This is possible but it depends on the make and model of your machine. Call our expert team of advisors to find out more.

When should I replace my rubber tracks?

Like any other component of heavy machinery, rubber tracks require regular maintenance and occasional replacement.  Knowing when and how to replace your rubber tracks can help keep your machine running efficiently and safely.

Please refer to this knowledge base post for guidance –


Rubber Pads

What is the average lifespan of a rubber pad?

It is purely down to application. Used correctly on a paved surface our rubber pads will last a long time, up to 36 months. However used in the wrong environment you could badly damage set of rubber pads in a matter of weeks.

I need some clip on pads, do I put them on every shoe or every other?

Rubber pads are designed to be fitted to every shoe on the machine. If you do want to use only a half set the ride will be very bumpy when tracking and we cannot offer any warranty unless a full set is purchased and fitted.

Hydraulic Drives & Pumps

If I only replace one final drive, will it be the same speed as the other side?

In most cases the speed will be identical. In cases where we know the speed will be different we will offer 2 matched drives.

Do your final drives come fully oiled or do I need to fill them with oil after installation?

Our final drives will not be filled with oil when they are delivered to you. You must follow the provided installation guide when fillling with oil and the level must be checked prior to use.

How do I check the gear oil level in a final drive?

We have a simple guide that shows you the simple steps you can take to check the oil level in your final drive – Click Here

What oil should I use with your final drives?

We recommend that you use 80W/90 oil in your Final Drive.

How do you maintain hydraulic swing motors?

Hydraulic swing motors require regular maintenance, including oil changes and inspections for wear and tear. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep the motor running smoothly.

Can hydraulic swing motors be repaired?

Yes, hydraulic swing motors can often be repaired by replacing damaged parts or performing other maintenance tasks. However, it’s important to work with a qualified technician to ensure the repair is done correctly. Astrak does not currently offer this service.

How long do hydraulic swing motors last?

The lifespan of a hydraulic swing motor depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the motor, the frequency of use, and the conditions in which it operates. With proper maintenance, a hydraulic swing motor can last for many years.

What are the signs that my excavator swing reducer needs to be replaced?

Signs that your excavator swing reducer needs to be replaced include unusual noises during operation, increased vibration, and decreased speed or power when rotating.

Can I install the swing reducer myself?

It is not recommended to install an excavator swing reducer yourself, as this requires specialised knowledge and equipment. It is best to consult with a professional technician to ensure proper installation.

Can regular maintenance help prolong the life of my excavator swing reducer?

Yes, regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your excavator swing reducer. This includes regular inspections, lubrication, and cleaning to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage.

What are some signs that my excavator hydraulic pump needs to be replaced?

Some signs include decreased performance, increased noise, and leaking fluid.

Can I repair my excavator hydraulic pump myself?

It is not recommended to repair the pump yourself unless you have the proper training and experience. Improper repairs can cause further damage to the excavator’s hydraulic system.

Identifying Worn Components

How can I identify a worn idler?

Most commonly the bearings would have collapsed and the idler will be making a loud metal on metal noise.

How can I identify a worn roller?

Most commonly the bearings would have collapsed and the roller will be making a loud metal on metal noise.

How can I identify a worn sprocket?

The teeth should be sharp, pointed and uniform in shape around the circumfernce of the sprocket .

Undercarriage Parts

What grease should I use with your track adjusters?

Any kind of general purpose lithium grease is suitable for use with our track adjusters.

What’s a grouser and how do I measure it?

A grouser is the tread part of a steel track shoe. The height of the grouser should be measured using a depth gauge from the top of the grouser to the upper side of the base of the shoe.


Please follow this handy step by step guide.

Should I replace all of my rollers at the same time?

In an ideal world yes; this ensures even wear across all new rollers. If a customer does not want to order a full set, the next best option would be a half set. In this case all the new rollers should be fitted on one side of the machine and the best of the worn rollers on the other side.

Is a track adjuster included with an idler?

No. At Astrak when we refer to an idler, we a talking about the wheel, shaft, bearings and side arms only.

Do I need new bolts with my track shoes/sprockets/rollers/idlers?

We recommend that you always replace track bolts and nuts and undercarriage hardware when you the related parts. When a bolt is loosened it takes on average 50% more torque than it was originally tightened to therefore will weaken the bolt.

How should I bend the retaining pin on easy fit pins?

The retaining pin should be bent around using a small hammer or similar. Do not use a form of heat to bend the retaining pin as this will weaken the pin.

Do you supply undercarriage parts for crawler cranes?

Yes we do provide parts for crawler cranes. You can learn more by reading this knowledge base post or by contacting our team on 0330 555 2000

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